Using an Airport Hotel As Part of Your Travel Plans

You’re tired, you’ve just travelled thousands of kilometres, or you are just about to. Staying in an airport hotel in New Zealand is an excellent part of the strategy to not only survive the long flights and adjust to a new country, but feel great doing so.Of course there are a few other things you can do to make the travelling feel a lot more comfortable. First, there’s the jet lag issue. If you haven’t slept well leading up to your flight, this can compound it, but it also is caused by the changes in time zones. You need to adopt the new time zones changes as soon as you can. Many suggest doing this as soon as you get on a flight, changing your watch to fit the time of the destination.Wearing comfortable clothes and shoes is a must. Layering is a really good idea, as you can switch from hot to cold and then back to hot again throughout the flight. Shoes should be flat and something your feet can swell a little in, as we often carry water retention a little during a flight. Staying hydrated also helps water retention. You might not be allowed to take a large bottle of water on board anymore, but you can ask for two drinks at a time, and try to avoid having too much alcohol or too many caffeinated drinks.Taking some “small sized” basic toiletries is going to keep you feeling refreshed. Many people find wet wipes, or something similar, are perfect for those mid flight urges to clean your face. Brushing your teeth can help you stay awake, and deodorant also is a great addition. While you’ll be able to freshen up once you get to your airport hotel in New Zealand, it’s a great way to keep alert and not arrive feeling like a total wreck.Make a move – stretch out your legs, walk around the plane when you can and stretch your limbs regularly. If you have any time in transit anywhere, get up and move your body. Ankle circles are a must at the very least.You won’t be able to take your food off the plane, but if you’re a fresh food eater, or like snacking, take a few extra items along. Just make sure you leave all the scraps on the plane. You can also order ahead to make sure your dietary needs are taken care of. Once you are happily ensconced in your airport hotel in New Zealand, you can focus on sleeping and then finding some of the great kiwi food on offer.

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